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Exercise in Vocabulary II in The Blood Fetish (p. 91 Mr Hayling was... - p. 92 ...theory.)


Pair work

Have a look at the words in the left column and click on the correct synonym a, b or c. There is only one correct synonym. 

To the teacher: If you would rather do this exercise in class, make a print-out of this page. Afterwards your students are welcome to check their answers by clicking on solution

  1. He hears of Simcox Smith´s decease.

  1. illness

  2. death

  3. expertise

  1. Hayling takes everything in the universe   for granted.

  1. doubts

  2. is opposed to

  3. accepts

  1. Simcox Smith has a penchant for     metaphysics.

  1. loathing (of, for)

  2. dislike (of)

  3. liking (for)

  1. He is on the verge of insanity.

  1. on the edge (of)

  2. on the opposite side (of)

  3. very far (from)

  1. He is oblivious of Smith´s good work.

  1. aware (of)

  2. in doubt (of)

  3. not aware (of)

  1. Smith´s work has much merit.

  1. beauty

  2. quality, excellence

  3. usefulness

  1. He considered it to be folly.

  1. foolishness

  2. cleverness

  3. greatness

  1. A manmade deity was created.

  1. Satan

  2. God

  3. being

Discuss the meaning of the following concepts:

  • a hypothesis

  • a conjectural hypothesis